Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Hit Back...

Sabrina I have to agree with you, Christopher Hitchens piece was nothing more than hate! It was obvious he had a problem with this articulate, confident, unflappable Black man being in charge -- and that he had the nerve to selected a Black woman comic that could take him on and the rest of the world. He was so blinded by his hate for all things Obama, that he created this revisionist history about last year’s Al Smith dinner.

While John McCain was quite funny, probably the only moment where he did not come off as a crotchety old man. Obama was quite humorous too. He was able to take on all the stereotypes about his background and what it meant to be the first viable Black presidential candidate. He did this with not only with elegance and grace, but enough confidence to be self-deprecating. This same wit was present during the White House Correspondents Dinner. From poking fun of his use of teleprompters to highlighting missteps in selecting his Cabinet, Obama did not hesitate to offer himself up.

Maybe if Obama was a philandering pig or incompetent leader he would have had better material to meet Hitchens’ standards.

As for Wanda Sykes the entire first half of her act was poking fun at president Obama. From discussing the many photos of him without a shirt on to telling him he would no longer be the first Black president but the first half-white president or “mulatto” if he screwed up, she did not pull any punches. Sykes even went after Vice-President Biden, Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. No one on the left was spared. She was a equal opportunity offender. As for the jokes about Hannity and Limbaugh I agree she just said what everybody else was thinking and that made it funny!

I think Christopher needs to check himself. Is this really about the poor performance of Wanda Sykes and President Obama or is he uncomfortable with non-white men commanding the stage? And for the record what the hell is "mildly racist"? It’s like being a little pregnant, is not possible!

Yes Sabrina it’s a new day! Obama won the election and Hitchens and folks like him need to get used to it!



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